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dedicated to helping mitigate the effects of the climate crisis

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NNX Background

New Normal X (NNX) was established in September 2019 with a singular mission: to engage students in addressing the challenges posed by the climate crisis. Irrespective of the origins of this crisis, NNX firmly believes that the responsibility to devise solutions and mitigate its effects rests with the emerging generation, particularly Generation Z.

Leveraging the concept of gamification, NNX has successfully motivated both middle and high school students to actively participate in daily environmental challenges. The core idea behind these challenges is to instill a sense of habit and consciousness among students and their families. By encouraging them to consciously consider their actions, NNX fosters intrinsic motivation for continued engagement, without the need for external rewards.

NNX's journey commenced with a group of 50 eighth graders from the National Junior Honor Society at Community House Middle School. These young participants, on average, completed eight challenges each, resulting in an impressive total of 400 volunteer hours over the span of eight weeks. Although they were eager to take on more challenges, the onset of the 2020 lockdown posed unforeseen obstacles. However, NNX received encouraging feedback from judges at the UNCC Science Fair, which served as a catalyst for the development of the project and its dedicated website.

Over the years, NNX has explored various strategies, including the creation of an app for a reward system, collaboration with Proverbs 226 to assist students with less available parental support, partnerships with religious groups, seeking counsel from city officials, and forming alliances with environmental clubs in schools across the state.

NNX's outreach efforts have also expanded significantly through public presentations and speeches at various environmental forums. NNX has consistently collaborated with esteemed organizations such as Sustain Charlotte, the City of Charlotte, and CleanAIRENC to amplify its impact within the city and throughout the state.

Furthermore, NNX has broadened its leadership structure by establishing dedicated teams focused on outreach, social media, website development, and graphic design. The leadership team is intentionally dynamic, promoting diversity and a continuous flow of innovative ideas.

As NNX continues its journey, it remains committed to its mission of empowering students to actively address environmental challenges, contributing to a more sustainable future for all.

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