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New Normal X:
Summer Internship

8-Week Remote Internship for High School Students

The New Normal X: Summer Internship is a highly selective 8-week remote internship for high school students interested in either science, business, entrepreneurship, law/social work, environmental justice, activism, climate change research, or a mixture of the seven. The internship aims to provide students with the opportunity to employ their skills of teamwork and courage to solve the real world problem that is climate change. Climate change is a genuine concern surrounding the globe as humans continue to burn fossil fuels that emit dangerous greenhouse gasses into the world. This raises the temperatures of our planet to dangerous heights, requiring individuals to take action. This internship will guide students in taking steps to ensure we end climate change - one of the main goals of New Normal X.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Application

  • Rising 10th - 12th Grade

  • One (1) Reference/Recommendation (Optional)

  • Resume/CV

Division I - Promoters

Promoters advertise the organization out in the open, both in-person (local interns) and online (all interns). Promoters employ the use of flyers, social media, events, and more to increase the outreach and visibility of New Normal X. Promoters find and create partnerships with other non-profit organizations/small businesses that are interested in sponsoring/being sponsored by New Normal X.


Division II  - Fundraisers

Fundraisers raise funds for New Normal X throughout the session. Each person must create a donation platform and collect funds by spreading the word of the organization throughout the session by focusing on merchandise sales, fundraising events, and donations.


Division III - Designers

Designers create merchandise product designs for future New Normal X merchandise. Each designer needs to contribute a specific amount of different designs (clothing, water bottles, etc) throughout the session. Recommended to be experienced in graphic design.


Division IV - Fighters

Fighters engage in and manage specific activities to help the earth grow and be preserved. Fighters gather others to organize and participate in both virtual/in-person meetings or events that increase the preservation and cleanliness of our planet (street clean-ups, climate change protests, etc).

Benefits of the Program

  • 80-100 Service Hours (10-13 hrs/wk)

  • Completion Certificate (Use in College Application/Resume/CVs)

  • Teamwork Experience

  • Schedule Flexibility

President’s Volunteer Service Award

Selected interns will be eligible to receive the President’s Volunteer Service Award certificate at the end of the session, given that they completed the service hour requirement for their work throughout the internship. The President's Volunteer Service Award is a civil award bestowed by the President of the United States, and the highest volunteer recognition in the country.

2024 Climate Activist of the Year (CATY)

All selected interns for the Summer 2024 session will be entered into the Climate Activist of the Year competition. Nearing the end of the internship, division leaders will each select two (2) interns from each of the divisions as finalists for the Climate Activist of the Year award. These finalists will then join each team and must demonstrate their ability to perform well in all four divisions.


On Friday, July 26th, 2024, the finalists will be revealed for the award, and they will need to campaign in the public for why they deserve the award. From Monday, July 29th - Friday, August 9th, the finalists will enter and work in all four divisions and public voting will take place where viewers can vote to select the 2024 Climate Activist of the Year.


Campaigning for the award must include showing to the public the work that you are currently doing for all four divisions (via social media). Campaigning for the award may include showing your effort that has been made over the past few weeks, the values that you prioritize, and why you joined the internship. 


The 2024 CATY award winner will be announced at 5:00PM EST on live the day after the program commences - August 10th, 2024.

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