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Welcome to New Normal X! The undeniable reality is clear: climate change is significantly impacting humanity, and neglecting the state of our global environment is highly detrimental. NNX is dedicated to guiding students in reconnecting with the environment through eco-conscious endeavors. Whether engaging in volunteer work, participating in online initiatives, or assuming leadership roles within the organization, we can actively work towards mitigating the environmental challenges that previous generations have created. Our societies must cultivate greater compassion and appreciation for the Earth by prioritizing humanizing our world's ecological well-being.


New Normal X

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Humanity finds itself in a critical climate predicament, one that has been gradually encroaching upon the fabric of society. To mitigate this crisis, we must take deliberate steps, even if they appear "small," but are imbued with profound meaning. NNX orchestrates activities through gamification, a concept that resonates well with young minds, offering incentives for taking essential actions. Our collective pursuit of conservation, protection, and rejuvenation hinges on our collaborative efforts. So, let's infuse a spirit of gamification into this process to drive transformation.


As mentioned earlier, NNX harnesses gamification to motivate and captivate young minds, rewarding them for their dedicated efforts. Essentially, every time you reduce your carbon footprint, you earn rewards that not only benefit you but also your community. Each action contributes to a cumulative impact, and NNX's leadership board fosters friendly competition, engaging all participants associated with the organization, thus amplifying motivation for everyone involved.


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Incentives for every step

Saving the environment

Every time you reduce your carbon footprint, you get rewarded. Receive volunteer hours and special prizes for every challenge and even extra incentives for repeating challenges! Enjoy points and watching your name go up on the leaderboard! Reach out to get started and involved :)


Enjoy participating in challenges!

Make a difference without leaving your home

Interact with other members in the New Normal A community by checking out the exclusive member's page at the top of the screen! You can see what badges and challenges they have completed! 

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New Normal X is committed to exceeding your needs. Questions, comments, or special requests? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out today.

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