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All About the App

Find your loyalty cards on the app!

In the New Normal app, you can see all your achievements there and track your progress and points. The app has loyalty cards in which you can see how many you still have available. Thank you so much for being involved in trying to help the environment one challenge at a time! We really appreciate it.

Instructions to use the App

Step-by-Step in case you're having trouble



When you open the app, this will be the first page that pops up. You can register or login, but most people will only have to login as they will probably have gone to the website already. You can login by clicking the “Login” button next to the Register button. 


After logging in, or registering, it will lead you to this screen. Each of the pictures is a button which will give you more information about New Normal. The website page is not shown because it can be seen from the link above. I also did not show the about us page in this description because it has the same information as the about page on the website, which most people have already seen. Since New Normal is all about saving the environment, I want to save paper and ink. The rest of the buttons are shown below. 

Screenshot 2020-02-21 at 5.33.48 PM.png


This is the Testimonials Page. The testimonials page is like a blog, but it allows members to post things as well. This is a great way for them to show how else they are helping the environment, and another place to give me suggestions, feedback or ask me questions. They can also see all the things everyone else says as well, like a fan page.


Loyalty Cards

Underneath the website is the loyalty cards button. This is where members can see how many loyalty cards they have earned. Each card will say which challenge number it is and how many loyalty cards it is worth. Currently it says one because  I needed to give an example for the NJHS members. When click on each of them, you give your phone to me because I will be giving the hours, which shows the process that members will through. Each will have the corresponding picture to the challenge on the website.

Earth Problems

This is the Earth Problems page. There are two albums in this screen. The first one has pollution and problems in real life. The second one is an album of cartoons for kids that still show earth problems, but aren’t as scary, but do get the point across in the same way. 


Fun Facts

This is the “Fun Facts” page. It has a few little things about the environment to get people more interested in helping to save the environment and it helps people learn more about what is happening. By clicking on each of the titles, you will be directed to a fun fact page. 

Contact Us

This is the Contact page. It just has my phone number, email and the website link once again in case you want to contact me. There is also a contact button on the website as well which is yet another way to reach me. It also has the state I live in, where the headquarters are located. You can click home (in the top left corner) if you want to go back to the home page.


News to Keep you Updated

This is called the “Eco News” page. It has some links to see some realities about climate change. There are a few videos as well as interactives. This will be updated with more news stories as more come out. This way members can see only environmental news instead of getting overwhelmed with every topic on most News sites. This is a great addition to the Earth Problems page, because they can see real and accurate demonstrations of them.

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